Okay. Can we talk about The Leftovers for a second? First off, I am obsessed with this show! I’ve been obsessing with it ever since seeing a preview for it months ago. I was gonna review each and every episode on this here blog, but alas, due to con season, I wouldn’t have been able to keep up with it at the pace I’d wanted to. But I will be talking about the season finale (Yes, season 2 will be happening!) and all the things that happened in said season finale.


Let’s start off with the aftermath of *insert character here*’s death. That whole scene in the episode before the finale messed with me big time. I didn’t expect it. Sure, some may have, but I didn’t see that coming one bit. Kevin (Jason Theroux) doesn’t know what to do in the wake of *insert character here*’s death. Luckily, Matt (Christopher Eccleston) comes to rescue, helps with the cleanup of the body, and the cleanup of Kevin. This scene then drags out to Kevin in the car and then waking up abruptly to be put in a mental hospital. It was weird because I wasn’t that shocked that Matt would do something like that. I felt it would be a natural instinct for him. Thank goodness, I was wrong. After Kevin confronts his dad the return of the *insert character here*’s return, we find out it was all a dream. Huzzah! While this is all going on, we see Jill (Margaret Qualley) putting her foot down and joining the “others” with her mother. We we’re given hints that something “big” and “dangerous” would be happening, but other than that, we had no clue what the hell the “others” were planning. With them, it’s always hard to tell. Sooner than later, we then realize what they did/are still doing. They’re making the leftovers remember. Which means putting wax type figures of all the departed where they departed. This brings pain and riots. We see the chaos all this brings and we’re soon wondering how the aftermath will be fixed. Soon Kevin finds his wife and saves her before a man violently kills and/or beats her. (It was hard to tell what his intentions were.) We then hear his wife Laurie (Amy Brenneman) finally speak and say, “Jill!”. Turns out Kevin and Laurie’s daughter Jill was still in the house. It then turns into a slow motion/music filled scene that was beautiful! Kevin finally rescues his daughter and takes her out of the house. Fast forward a bit and we see Nora (Carrie Coon) writing a letter to Kevin due to her children who were departed reappearing in the kitchen where they first departed. As she writes, we think she may take the route of suicide, but turns out, while she can’t bring herself to die, she can’t stay there anymore. All while this is happening, Laurie is going to some sort of lake/ocean type area. She looks upon the ocean and suddenly her son Tom (Chris Zylka) drives up behind her. We then cut to Nora bringing the letter to Kevins house. As she gets to the door, she turns her head and sees something. A look of sadness/shock is on her face, but it then turns to joy. She’s found Christine’s (Annie Q.) baby which she left abandoned in a rest stop restroom for Tom to find earlier in the episode. She then picks it up and as all this is happening, Kevin, Jill, and there dog that we all thought had runaway after Kevin let it go, finally arrive at there house after walking all the way from the “others” group of houses. They all look at each other and finally Nora looks at Kevin and says, “Look what I found.” The camera pans to Kevins face and the show fades to black.
Ahhhhh! I need more answers! While I would think to go ahead and read the book upon which the show is based, I don’t think I’d find the answers there anyways. I am so keen for season 2 and I can’t wait for it to premiere next year! If you’d like to go deeper into the hidden messages and such of The Leftovers, I’d recommend following The Leftovers on Twitter and reading www.watchingtheleftovers.com.


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