Yep. You read that title correctly. While at SDCC, me and my fellow fangirl friend, LadyJenevia, did some YouTube collabs! This was such a fun experience and looking back on it, I’m still trying to figure out how we had time/energy for it.

Anyways, here’s our collab on her channel, “Snog Marry Avoid”. (We we’re being polite!)

And here’s my favorite video we did! BLOOPERS! I laugh like a maniac whenever I watch this. I’m not even sure if everyone else finds it that funny, but I sure do!

Here’s the collabs we did on my channel! We sorted people into Hogwarts houses and it was the best thing ever.

Part 1:

Part 2:

I had such a blast making these! Make sure to head on over to LadyJenevia’s channel “here” and subscribe! If you like all my fandom type stuff on this here blog, you’ll love her videos!


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