Hi, all! Sorry for the lack of posts recently. To say I’ve been busy with life would be a lie. I’ve just been to busy with Netflix and reading, haha. But I’m finally here to share all the stuff I bought and got free at SDCC! There all attached below! (Just click the image to enlarge it.)

As you can see, I did quite a bit of shopping! My favorite booth was BBCA’s! Lumberjanes, The Simpsons, Nightvale, Sherlock, Dodger, Star Wars, so much awesomeness! My friend Usagi from Usagi In Wonderland  was able to get me the Her Universe Star Wars keychain at SWW! I was so excited! So while it’s not exactly an SDCC exclusives, I did pick it up at SDCC. I also included it, cause it’s so pretty.

What’d you get at SDCC this year? Any awesome swag you wanna share? Leave a comment below! There were so many SDCC exclusives I didn’t hear of till I got back, so I’d love to hear what you all got. 🙂


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