I went a bit crazy while shopping in Diagon Alley/Hogsmeade! There was just too many awesome things to buy! I thought I’d share them with you all that way if you’re planning a trip to Universal, you’ll maybe get an idea on what they sell. Trust me, they sell 1000000x more stuff! I just wanted it ALL, but I settled for this:


Here’s some nice closeups of all the items! I hope you enjoy! (I also bought a thing or two at the Kwik-E-Mart!)

Also, in the chocolate frog, I got Godric Gryffindor! Not bad, if I say so myself. šŸ˜€ And Pumpkin Juice? A++!! It’s like drinking a slice of pumpkin pie. It’s very weird, but very delicious! There was lots of things to pick through, but I love my selection!

I hope you guys enjoyed this and hopefully it gave you an idea on what they sell! Thanks for reading!


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