Hiya! Probably been wondering where I’ve been since I’m notorious for doing a blog wrap up at the end of each day of whatever con I’m at, right? No. Me either. Haha, all jokes aside, I’ve been in Florida! Orlando, Florida to be exact. I was attending LeakyCon to be even more exact! I also visited The Wizarding World of Harry Potter to be even MORE exact! LeakyCon. I have no words for how amazing this con was. It is now officially my favorite out of all the cons I’ve attended and that’s saying something! I’ve done cons all across the US, and LeakyCon has taken the gold! I’ve never felt more normal any place else. I didn’t feel weird dancing by myself at during the 2nd Wizard Wrock concert, I didn’t feel judged at all. Crazy, right? Everyone was there for one thing: THE GET THERE FANDOM ON! The thing about LeakyCon, is that is feels like a big family! I got these vibes the day I heard about LeakyCon 2 years ago and it hasn’t changed! I did so much and most of those little stories will be posted on my tumblr cause tumblr is the absolute best! I didn’t update this here blog everyday cause of how much fun I was having. Seriously! I felt so at home at LeakyCon it was unreal. I felt like it was some big family reunion! I sound crazy, I know, but it’s just how I feel. 🙂 I met soooo many people! Including: Hannah Hart, Jon Cozart, JOHN GREEN (I literally couldn’t even.), Tessa Netting, Megan Tonjes, Karen Kavett, Joe Moses, Curt Mega, and so many others!!! I got to visit the HPA’s booth for the first time and participate in the Apparating Library! I got a pretty nice book that’ll be featured on my haul post! I even got to eat a Snitchwitch. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. There was also the Esther Earl Rocking Charity Ball… and I must say I think we celebrated the way Esther would’ve wanted us too. We celebrate together. Spreading the love. Spreading the joy. 🙂

Anyway’s here are some photos from the amazing time that was LeakyCon:

Did YOU attend LeakyCon?! If so, please let me know! I’ll be posting a lot more info on my LeakyCon experience via my tumblr so make sure to check it out! FYI: LeakyCon is officially getting a name change… next year we become GEEKYCON! We’re also getting LeakyCon which will be a smaller, HP only based conference! Info here! Thanks for reading, everyone!! You guys are the coolest!!


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