This post marks my Sunday adventures which means that it’s the last day of SDCC. 😦 First, we had breakfast at The Broken Yolk. It was my first time there and it was delicious!


We started off the day at Nerd HQ for the Stephen Amell panel! It was so good and our seats were amazing!!


Stephen then did Smiles for Smiles with only the people in the panel! I was super excited, but as we got closer, they made us take group photos. I was happy the money went to charity, but I felt it could’ve been planned a bit better. But I still LOVE my photo!


We then headed to Friend-Zone Live which was literally 30 feet away! IT WAS AWESOME!! Here’s some photos from all the things I saw/awesome people I met!





Then I finally met Erin of HappiLeeErin! I was so happy!! She was working the event, so trying to meet her was a bit hard, but we did it! She even remembered my name, haha!



DODGER! Again!






I then met Charlie and Gaby while in line! She had some sweets for me and now I need to move to the UK so I can be surrounded by them all the time. ;D


We then had Spaghetti Factory! I love this place so much!


I then met up with my friend Barb from You Fancy Me Mad! Her cosplay was on point! We both love Hawkeye. Like a lot.


I then went to the End Bullying panel and it was all kinds of inspiring as usual! I think the nerd community even made a new friend. 😉


After that panel and saying my goodbyes to Ashley, I headed to the Fantastic Fans and Where To Find Them: The Annual Harry Potter Panel. It was GREAT! I did hear about an HP theory I’ve never heard of before and I can’t stop thinking about it.


I then met Lauren from The Harry Potter Alliance! I’m such a big fan of all there work!


She even gave me a Wizard Activist ribbon!

Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 1.30.57 PM

I’ll definitely be seeing her again THIS week during LeakyCon!! Woo!!

And that wraps my SDCC! I can’t believe it’s already over. I had a BLAST! I met SO many awesome people and I’m happy to call them friends! Till next year….


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