Phew! I am finally back at my hotel for a brief moment before going to camp out at Hall H! I’ve done SO much today! First off, I had to get my badge! It was a super long line, but it went SUPER fast!


I, of course, got The Following as my bag! Luckily, my friend LadyJenevia traded with me and I ended up The Vampire Diaries! Woo! After getting my badge, I went inside and got all my collectibles! I’ll be saving that for a future haul! Next up, me and my friend LadyJenevia went and filmed some YouTube videos! Whaaa? We’re doing proper YouTuber things now, haha! It was blast and the videos will be up soon! I went and did a bunch of off-site events and met SO many people!



(I bumped into Dodger and got a selfie! Con made? CON MADE!)


I also attended the Her Universe fashion show which was AMAZING!! Seeing how Her Universe has come is truly a great thing! I’m so proud of Ashley! I’m actually planning a future blog post to talk about the fashion show. It was so inspiring!! I got to meet Ashley (in her amazing Totoro dress!), Chloe Dykstra (Pizza and Porn, amirite?!), iJustine, Jenna Ezarik, Amanda Jeannn (with two extra n’s), and Victoria!






I then headed to Nerd HQ for the party! It was so much fun!


I finally caught up with Megan aka The Nerdy Girlie! Also, I finally got to meet Tony aka Crazy4ComicCon!



I’m super sorry if this post is a jumbled up mess! I’m trying to hurry as I’m off to camp out at Hall H for Daniel Radcliffe! I’ll post day 2 tomorrow night, so be on the look out! Thanks for reading! And if you see me, say hi!! 😀


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