I am finally back in San Diego! We took an early flight this morning, arrived, and then took off for LA! I had two goals in LA: Whimsic Alley and Craig Ferguson! First stop was Whimsic Alley!! I was literally shaking in this store because of how awesome is was. I bought so much stuff! Here’s some pics of the inside and of me. 😉 (Check out my haul here!)





After shopping, we then headed to the CBS TV studios to see Craig Ferguson!! Oh, man! IT. WAS. THE. BEST. Lots of stuff happened during this taping of Craig Ferguson! (It’s actually on last nights episode and tonights episode. Yes. Let’s just say that I went to two tapings on two different days. Yeah. Anyways, Craig asked who was going to Comic-Con! This girl raised her hand and he acknowledged her and then I shot my hand up and he asked, “You’re going to Comic-Con to?”. I was all head shaking yes and he said, “You two should meet up…. I’m sure he’d really like that.” I LOST IT! Everyone in the crowd bursted out into laughter. You really had to be there. It was hilarious!! This was during the break, so it won’t be on TV, but I have the memory and it’s one of my most favorites! At the end of the show, Bob gave away a TLLSWCF mug (which aren’t given out on a regular basis and they don’t sell!) and he was originally going to give it away via trivia. Welp, in the end, all he asked was “Who’s going to Comic-Con?” I jumped out of my seat, hand raised. He asked, “Are you underage? Get out here!” It was the best thing ever! He then said, “I’ll give it to the lumberjack!” (or something along those lines! I was in a complete shock! I HAD WON THE MUG! It’s now one of my prized possessions along with the stuff I bought at the gift shop!

After that, we headed toward The Grove because that’s where we parked. I then saw a sign for a signing with Marissa Meyer at 7:00pm… it was 7:00pm! I searched the whole Barnes and Noble at The Grove and finally asked someone! We then bought a book and went to the discussion they were having! It included a bunch more authors.




It was a really nice discussion, but then they had to do a reading, THEN the signing, so we had to leave early. Had to get back to San Diego! We then finally got back to San Diego and topped off the night with In-N-Out. My first time!! It was delicious! Now to get some sleep and prepare for the first day of SDCC!!! See you there!!


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