SDCC is tomorrow. Whaaa?! Where did the time go? I still remember blogging about all the upcoming events LAST year. Crazy! Since it is closer, I have finalized my panel/off-site schedule!


Exclusives!! I’ll be on the hunt for all my exclusives! I also have a blood donor’s appointment (first time!!), the Her Universe Fashion, and the Nerd HQ party! Sounds like fun to me!


DANIEL RADCLIFFE!!! Yep! I’ll be camping out with The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones fans (I AM a fan of GoT, so it should be fun!!) just for Daniel Radcliffe’s SDCC debut! Sounds like an awesome time! Then after all that chaos and fun, it’ll be time for me to head on over to @midnight! I’ll be getting to see my favorite comedy show LIVE! It’ll be an awesome time!


American Horror Story: Coven!! I’ll be camping out ALL day for that panel! I’m so excited!!


Stephen Amell’s Nerd HQ panel!! I got lucky and scored some tickets! Also, after Stephen’s panel, Friend-Zone will be having a live show! I can’t to attend in my kigurumi! Then after that, Ranson Riggs is having a book signing in the convention center! I then plan on attending the End Bullying panel and Fantastic Fans and Where to Find Them: The Annual Harry Potter panel!

That’s my SDCC schedule as of right now!! I’m so excited to finally get to San Diego tomorrow morning! I’ll then be making a trip to LA first! I’ll be posting daily blog updates, if I can help it! So make sure to hit that follow by email button so you won’t miss a thing! You can also follow me on Twitter and Instagram for lots of pics and updates on what’s happening around the con!! SEE YOU GUYS AT SDCC! 😀 


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