So much will be going on at SDCC. SO. MUCH! Which means being organized will be your key to a successful con! I make multiple lists! Here they are to give you an idea on what to jot down!

Panels! I write down all the panels I plan on attending! I also include panels I *might* be able to attend or are unsure of. That way, if something falls through, I have a backup!

Offsite Events! I keep a running list of all the things happening outside of the convention center. I organize it by day, time, and importance!

SDCC Exclusives! I keep a list of all the exclusives I want to buy! I also include a few I’m unsure of. Never know what you’ll buy when it comes to SDCC!

SDCC To0Do List! Meeting friends? Picking up exclusives for people back home? Make a To-Do list! I keep a list of all things I need to bring for people, buy for people, and things to pick up!

I hope these tips help! Have any other tips for SDCC beginners? Leave a comment below! Thanks for reading! 😀


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