Following yesterdays haul post, today I’ll be sharing my Wizard World Philadelphia haul! I’m very excited to share it with you all! I found some awesome things!

Firs off, Stylin Online had a really cool freebie for you if you spent $30 or more! Look! It’s a giant TARDIS convention bag!



To get this, I bought this Winter Soldier shirt because I forgot to bring my cast and crew hoodie! But it was a Winter Soldier shirt I didn’t have! (I actually have one very similar. The only difference is mine doesn’t say “Winter Soldier”.)


And then I bought RAVENCLAW SUSPENDERS! I was soooo happy I found these! It was the last one’s they had too! (Sorry the pic is blurry.)


Speaking of Ravenclaw, I found this AWESOME Ravenclaw snuggie at a booth called Habber and Dasher! They only sold Harry Potter, Doctor Who, and Sherlock merchandise! (Yay for hotel mirror selfies!)


After lines and such, I then found the booth of dreams! THE WHO SHOP! They brought official Doctor Who AND Sherlock merchandise imported from the UK! I flailed.

I bought this Sherlock shirt!


I also bought this TARDIS bag!


These were a birthday present, but I got this set of pajamas that make me look like the 11th Doctor! (Yay for even more hotel mirror selfies!)


You can even purchase stuff on their online store! 

That’s my haul! I really enjoyed all the booths at Wizard World Philly! I had lots of things to choose from! As usual, thanks for reading! And can you believe SDCC is only in a few weeks! Ahhh!!




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