Hey, everybody! Following my post from yesterday, where I talked about meeting Sebastian Stan, today I’ll be talking about my meeting of Matt Smith! This’ll be short because I only did a photo-op with him.

First things first: Matt Smith’s lines were CRAZY! Literally, almost 10 long, long, long lines were full of people waiting to see Matt. His signing was supposed to start at 2:30, but ended up starting later. I missed the Sebastian Stan/Anthony Mackie panel because of it, but I didn’t mind since Sebastian made my life. Finally at around 5:00 (?), it was finally my turn to go into the booth. I entered the booth and saw Matt! I couldn’t believe it! He was right there! While I have seen him in person before, I’d never seen him so up close. Finally it was my turn to walk up toward him. They were rushing the lines were fast, but as I was walking, Matt stopped me and pointed to my bow tie that I bought from Geek With Me (BEST BOW TIES EVER!) and told me he thought it was cool! Ahh! He then took the picture and as I was about to leave, I told him, “You’ve made my birthday weekend!”. He then said, “Happy birthday, mate!”. I then died. OF HAPPINESS! All I could say was thank you! I then left the tent and was all smiles! I couldn’t believe I’d actually met Matt Smith! He’s super nice!! I still can’t believe it happened.

After awhile, I then went back to get my printed photo. It was CRAZY. Hundreds of people took photos with Matt and they were all laid on a long table. Madness. Anyways, I finally found my photo! LOOK:


I had such a great time! Wanna read more about Wizard World Philly? Click here! I hope you enjoyed this post! Did you meet Matt?! If so, I wanna hear all about it! Please feel free to leave me a comment. Thanks for reading!!




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