OKAY! I’m finally getting around to writing about my meeting of Sebastian Stan! I wanted to share it all, just so you guys get an idea of what an AWESOME guy Sebastian is! So near Saturday at noon, I was on my way to get in line for Sebastian autograph. I got in line and started my wait. As we kept going up one line, I finally saw him in person! Ahhhh! I was like, “HE’S REAL!”. I have no clue why that was my initial thought. It’s just that I thought I’d never get a chance to actually see him in person, nonetheless meet him! Finally I was getting closer! They were really strict on not taking photos of him while signing, but I couldn’t help myself and took some sneaky shots. Here’s one of them:



I finally got up to him and all I could manage to say was “THANK YOU!”. Haha, I didn’t yell it, but that was my enthusiasm. AND HIS FACE. It was priceless!! My mom who was waiting near the back for me was like, “What did you say?!”. It was such a cool moment! Here’s my autograph!



I chose that photo because that was when they were filming in Cleveland! If you missed my trip to Cleveland FOR The Winter Soldier, click here! Now fast forward to an hour later and I’m in the VIP line to meet Sebastian again and get a photo! Okay… I finally make it to the front of the line and it’s my turn to go into the booth. I go in, see Sebastian, and everyone is walking up getting hugs and such. Now it’s my turn! I walk up, he shakes my hand, and I say, “Can I have a birthday hug?” and he’s like sure!! He then asked if it was my birthday, I say “Yes!!”, he then wished me a happy birthday.. then he hugged me! He then turned from the hug, arm still around me, and took this photo:



That is why my face is all “WHAT IS HAPPENING?! DID THAT JUST HAPPEN!!??”. It was such a surreal experience. After I exited the booth, I almost started crying! Crazy! Thankfully, I held it in, haha! This past weekend was so crazy! Can’t believe it actually happened! Sebastian is such a nice guy! So thankful I got a chance to meet him! 😀

Tomorrows post: Meeting Matt Smith! Wanna read more about what I did at Wizard World Philadelphia? Click here! Thank you guys so much for reading!




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