That’s my only word to describe the awesomeness that was Wizard World Philadelphia! Remember HeroesCon? Well, after an almost full day there, we made the almost 10 hour trek to Philadelphia! We drove 7 hours then spent the night in Baltimore, MD. When we woke up, we took a little detour to Washington, DC! After that, we had 3 more hours and we’d arrive to WIZARD WORLD PHILADELPHIA. Okay. Let’s be honest. The only reason for going at first was to meet: SEBASTIAN STAN! They then finally added Matt Smith to the list, so I had 2 objectives! Fast forward 3 hours and we arrived! I was so excited! For Wizard World Philly and also because I was in Philly! I’m a huge fan of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia and it was cool to think that this is what they experience on the show. Turns out Philly is just a tinier New York. Seriously. While I was walking down the streets to the convention, it felt like I was back in NYC. Haha, I’m straying from the convention… so we got inside and got our badges!! I got the Sebastian Stan VIP, so I got this way cool badge:



I then hurried to get in the autograph line for Sebastian and look what I got!! Ahhh! I couldn’t believe I met him! (I’m saving all the feels for a future post!)



I then tried to get in line for his photo-op, but the line had not yet been formed, so I went looking around the convention center! I bought some really cool things and I can’t wait to show you in my future haul posts! Finally, it came the time to get in line and meet Sebastian AND take a photo! The line went pretty fast because VIP’s got access to Sebastian first! Here’s our photo together:




I then went to get in line for my Matt Smith photo-op, but yet again, the line had yet to form. So I went shopping some more! Wizard World Philly had some amazing booths!! While looking around the convention, I spotted my friend Lane Devlin aka THE WINTER SOLDIER! She’s AMAZING! The detail on that arm is mind blowing. I was super happy I found her!



Then it was time to go lineup for MATT SMITH! It took forever because he had almost 10 lines! It was crazy! But I waited and finally my time came to slowly work my way to the curtain Matt was behind and while I was waiting to go in, look who popped out of the booth right next to me:



Yep. Nathan Fillion. I freaked! He was telling everyone how he was uncomfortable with hugs and was just warning them. He’s such a cool guy. Seriously. He also made my con extra sweet just by doing that. I’ve been wanting to see him in person for so long and it finally happened! After that wonderful instance, I MET MATT SMITH!!!



I still can’t believe that happened!

After my encounter with Matt Smith, I then went around the convention some more! I saw Karen Gillan from afar which made my life! I was so gonna do a photo-op with her, but the time wouldn’t let me. But just to see her in person was totally fine! 😀



I saw so many celebrities signing at their tables, like Even Peters, a bunch of people from The Walking Dead, Anthony Mackie, and so much more! Just being able to see them in person made the con that much better!

I then saw an extremely detailed Tardis and K-9:





And then to top off my con, as the con was closing, I met Evan from Oddities! It’s seriously one of my all time favorite shows! Not to sound weird, but I literally recognized Evan from the back of her head. She was so nice and I can’t believe I got to meet her! Turns out they had an Obscura booth at the con! I was so bummed I missed out. I had no clue. I didn’t check what booths would be there beforehand because if I would’ve known, I would’ve been all over it! BUT I did meet Evan, so I have nothing to complain about!


And as usual, I vlogged the entire time! I hope you enjoy!

Wizard World Philadelphia was a really fun con! Except for some rude staff members, it was perfect! Did any of you attend Wizard World Philadelphia? If so, what’d you do? Meet anyone awesome? I’d love to hear in the comments below! Thanks for reading!




4 thoughts on “Wizard World Philadelphia 2014!

    1. Aww, thank you!! Glad you had a great time!!
      And it’s fine.. those lines were CRAZY. I spent almost the whole day just waiting, haha! But we still have SDCC, which is coming up so fast! Ahhh!

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