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EXCLUSIVES. Besides panels, this is why people LOVE SDCC! Last year, I kept up with ALL the exclusives via Twitter and some of my favorite sites, but this year, I’ve been a bit more busy. Thankfully, Tony aka Crazy4ComicCon has been keeping up a running list of ALL the exclusives! Find it here! Now that you’ve seen the exclusive, now you need to make a plan on how to get them! *This list is for people getting in line and waiting for a chance to buy the exclusives at San Diego Comic Con, not for preorders.* So last year I got pretty lucky. I got almost every exclusive I wanted, (Wanna see? Click here!) so I have a few tips on how to get the exclusives you want.

First off, make a list based on priority! It’s highly unlikely that you’ll get every exclusive you want, so make sure to look at all the exclusives and write down which ones you CAN’T miss out on. I did this last year. First on my list was the Entertainment Earth booth and in turn, I got all the exclusives I wanted.

Secondly, BUDGET! This is crucial! Can you afford all the exclusives you want? Double check! You don’t want to wait in all those long lines just to get to the front and not be able to afford it.

Thirdly, find booth numbers!! Usually, when companies release their exclusives, they’ll also release which booth they’ll be at. Keep a list of all the booth numbers of the booths you wish to attend.

Fourthly, when the SDCC exhibitors map is released, study it! Find all the booths you wish to attend (whether you’re buying anything or not) and see how far they are from one another. This comes in handy, especially when trying to buy multiple exclusives in one night!

Fifthly, GOOD LUCK! I know how it feels to want to get your hands on all those exclusives! Just keep in mind which booth has the exclusive you want the most and stick with it! When you’re done with that venture, move on!

I hope this list helped! Again, I wish you all lots of good luck!! Can you believe SDCC is in a few weeks?! Man, time flies! See you all there!!




2 thoughts on “SDCC Tips & Tricks: How To Get The Exclusive You Want!

  1. Dude! I am feeling so blessed right now! Usagi from Usagi in wonderland made it possible to get the TWO exclusives I really wanted!

    Which means now I must hunt for more hahahaha! (pretty much the BBC stuff).

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