Yep! It’s true. This year I will be participating in this St. Baldrick’s as a Shavee! Which means all my hair will be shaved off.  But for great things! I’m currently raising money for childhood cancer research via my St. Baldrick’s page (<– click here!) which is so exciting! I’ve never done anything like this. I’ll be raising the money, then donating it, then shaving my head. All in the name of funding childhood cancer research! This whole “trying to decrease WorldSuck” thing is going be great so far.

*UPDATE* Apparently the San Diego event will NOT be happening. What reasons? I’m not sure. The event page was never updated. So instead, I will participating in St. Baldricks at a different location at the end of September! I wanted to keep you all informed especially since some of you donated! 😀 (Thanks again!!!!) I can’t wait to do this event! Ahhh! I’m so happy to be taking part in this amazing cause! I hope you will all view my page (I even posted a video!) and, if not donate, then please share it among your fellow friends and family! I’d be forever grateful!

I’ll update you all on what’s happening either before or after St. Baldrick’s! We’ll see what happens! Thank you all for reading!!




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