Yep! I did it! I took a week off of social media! (Read about it here!) It was definitely worth taking. I even deleted all my social media apps. It was nice not having to worry about checking tweets or wondering “Should I post this on Instagram?”. I read/watched YouTube equally which helped pass the time and I also watched season 2 of Orange is The New Black. (Which was AMAZING! Soso is my new favorite character.) Other than that, SO MUCH HAPPENED.

First off, I found out I AM GOING TO LEAKYCON THIS SUMMER! Which means getting to see/possibly meet John Green, Tessa Netting, AND STARKID. I flipped! I’m so excited to attend this year! It’s been on my “Con Bucket-list” for about 2+ years and now it’s officially happening. For those who don’t know, LeakyCon first started off as a Harry Potter conference (RAVENCLAW, FTW!) and is now a conference for ALL THE FANDOMS. I’m super excited and I’ll be vlogging the whole time and I’ll be dressed up! I’ll actually be making a video about it soon, so stay tuned!

Secondly, I’m seeing Craig Ferguson LIVE during my trip to California next month! While on my social media break, I received an email (Ironic, I know.) that the tickets I’d been waiting for were finally available! WooHOO!

Thirdly (?), I’ve started making more YouTube videos! I honestly LOVE making YouTube videos. Whether they’re good or bad and if nobody watches, I’ll still keep making them because it’s fun and I honestly love YouTube! (With a few “minor” exceptions, haha!) Wanna see all the videos I made? Watch below:

Fourthly (?), A NEW BLOG DESIGN + LOGO! Yep! Travis The Grimm is completely redesigned! I love the new logo and I feel it now suits me more! Let me know what you think!


I’m pretty sure some other stuff happened, but I can’t remember. Typical me. Anyways, I believe my other blog posts are scheduled for the rest of the week because THIS weekend is HeroesCon in Charlotte, NC and Wizard World Philadelphia in Philadelphia, PA and I will be attending both! So expect some very fun posts/videos this coming weekend! Thanks for reading!



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