This past weekend, during my latest trip to ATL, me and a couple friends did this:

Yep. I wanted to do this so bad, so we bought tickets almost immediately! Upon arriving, I was terrified! I always do that with haunted houses: I regret my decisions immediately. BUT I powered through and went in… and oh man,  was it fun! The Purge Breakout isn’t just a haunted house type experience, it’s supposed to put you in the action, make you think, and fight for survival. You have 30 minutes to solve all the puzzles and escape before the annual Purge begins. You may think it would be easy to survive, but alas, it isn’t. The puzzles definitely take group effort. I won’t say much because if any of you are attempting to brave this, I don’t want to spoil it! Just know, it’s not as scary as it seems and once you get inside, you’re gonna have a blast! Be warned, they DO take you photo at the end! This is me and my friend Toni’s picture. Only ours turned out blurry AND upside down, haha!

photo 2wrfefrefr

Also, bring some extra money because they have shirts! Here’s ours:


Here’s the dates for the upcoming tour:


You can buy tickets here!


2 thoughts on “The Purge: Breakout!

  1. Dude! That’s intense. I’m not a haunted house person.
    Hell, I doubt I would’ve mad it through Olmec’s temple without punching or kicking one of the temple guards on Legends of the Hidden Temple LOL!

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