I know this review is a bit late, but I’m finally ready to talk about Lumberjanes! My social media feeds were abuzz about this new comic from Boom! Studios, but my friend Cazz did a review of it on her YouTube channel and once I watched it, I knew this was the comic for me!

Lumberjanes is about 5 best friends who are at camp who kick butt, fight weird 3-eyed fox/wolf things, and stay up way past there bed time! It’s a really fun comic with really great panels. It makes you feel as if YOU were at camp. I love the whole night time, not knowing what could be in the woods feeling and this comic gave that aplenty! The characters are all so great and I love that it doesn’t focus on just one girl in the group, but that it focus’ on the group as a whole. OH YEAH FOR FRIENDSHIP! With catchy lines like, “What the junk?!” or “What wacked-up eyes you haaaaave!”, this comic is fun for everyone! I love that we’re thrown into the action right away and I can’t wait to see what the future issue’s hold because this will now be an ongoing series! (SQUEE!!)

I give this comic 5/5! Perfect to read in the middle of the night under the covers! 😉


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