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Yep! Mix tapes. While I’ve never made an ACTUAL mix tape, I have made CD’s with all my favorite songs for my friends, so I thought this would be like doing that, but for all of you awesome people. My Blog as a Mix Tape was created by Joie Fatale and I LOVED the idea! Projecting what your blog is through things like clothes is awesome, but music definitely plays an important part. I always listen to music before I blog for some reason. Never during because I always get distracted and start dancing, haha. So once I saw this, I knew I had to do it. Here’s some songs I think suit who I am and what my blog is all about! These are in no particular order. I hope you enjoy!!


1. Ready For The Weekend, Icona Pop – I love, love, love this song! It’s just plain fun which is why I love Icona Pop!

2. Of The Night, Bastille – While everyone loves Pompeii (which is a fantastic song!), I love Of The Night. It’s such a good remake!

3. Cannonball, Lea Michele – This song is really uplifting and positive. It’s message is when things get dark, don’t let go, and just cannonball you way back into life! 🙂

4. Boom Clap, Charli XCX – This is from the now released The Fault in Our Stars movie soundtrack, so of course I have all the feelings.

5. We Used To Be Friends, The Dandy Warhols – VERONICA MARS MEMORIES. That is all!


6. Sorry I’m Not Sorry, Tessa Violet – Such a great song and a really great message!

7. Crown On The Ground, Sleigh Bells – We all know my love for Sleigh Bells, but this song was basically the anthem of my teenage years!

8. Team, Lorde – Of course this would be on here! I’ve listened to this song since the second it was released and still never get tired of it.

9. Best Day Of My Life, American Authors – Such a positive song! You automatically feel great when listening to it. Out of all these songs, this is the one I hope relates to my blog the most! 🙂

10. Forever, Haim – I’ll never not love this song! It’s. so. good.



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