The title says it all. While I was in Atlanta the other weekend, I stopped by Urban Outfitters and was looking in the clearance aisle when my mom spotted this book out. It’s titled” Colour Me Good ARRGGGHHHH!!” The cover looked awesome!



I then looked inside and was blown away by how awesome it was! I scored it for $1.99! Check out some of the pages that you can color:









I love this book! Super silly + horror movies?! My everything! I don’t think I’ll color any of them though because I like the idea too much, but I don’t want to ruin the book. They’re plenty of more pages to color, this was just a little sneak peak of my favorites.

You can pick this up this coloring book here! (I could only find it on the UK Amazon site. Apparently this book has been pulled by Tesco. Huh. How interesting.)


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