I have a new favorite app! That app is called: Family Guy: A Quest For Stuff. If you’re anything like me, and obsess over The Simpsons Tapped Out AND have an undying love for Family Guy, then this is for you! Just imagine The Simpsons Tapped Out, but Family Guy style. They both have there differences, so they both stand out. The Simpsons Tapped Out is more for the whole family, while Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff is definitely aimed for adults.


This is what my town looks like after everyone has done there deeds and the stores are ready for me to collect there money.


Here’s what it looks like to go to do quests!


When people level up, this is the screen you get.


This is the shop where you can buy things. Sadly, 50% of the things cost clams which cost real money. Other than that, everything else is attainable. You just need to work really hard.


And a close up of the town. The animations are pretty cool… they look like you’re watching an episode of Family Guy!


I really love this app! Super fun, plus they’re lots of memorable quotes! Some quests take a bit too long because gathering a lot of the “things” like lipstick, hairspray, etc,,, is all up to chance. That’s really my only negative thing to say about this app. Other than that, it’s great! Especially for Family Guy fans!

You can pick up Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff on the app store!


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