I had a GREAT Free Comic Book Day! I spent it in Atlanta, Georgia and went to a comic book shop I’ve never been to before. It was weird not shopping at Heroes, but nonetheless, I had a good time. I was shocked that people not purchasing anything could only get one free comic and that people who did purchase an something in the store could only get 5 free comics. At Heroes, you can get as many free comic books as you want! That is the point. To give out free comics, not to force people to purchase items to get free comic books. It was nothing against the shop (I’m blanking on the name) because everyone there was super nice and very helpful. I just wasn’t used to that. Apparently, other comic shops do this too.

While that did rub me the wrong way, I did end up with 6 free comics and, luckily, out of all the comics that were available, I only wanted 5.


Look at that Rocket Raccoon cover! SO PRETTY!


BUT I did end up, as usual, buying way more comics than the free ones that I got!


I went a bit much on Sex Criminals, do you think? Haha, this LCS had only Sex Criminal variants, so I HAD to grab them all. I also picked up a bunch of first issues, like Ms. Marvel, Captain Marvel, The Amazing Spider-Man, She-Hulk, and many more! I got the most current issues of Hawkeye and Black Widow too. Pretty awesome haul, if you ask me. I’ll hopefully be doing a review on a couple of the first issues. Especially The Amazing Spider-Man!!!

They also had these blind bags for 99 cent. It was totally worth it:


I got an FF poster, and A vs X, The Walking Dead, and Green Lantern pins, some cards, a Yellow Jacket HeroClix, and some Iron Man 3 tattoos!

Another successful FCBD! How was your FCBD? Get anything good? Let me know! I’d love to hear!

Thanks for reading!


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