Happy Star Wars Day, everybody! Today is all about Star Wars, so I thought I’d round up some ideas from all over the internet to help keep you occupied.

Do a marathon! This is how I’m spending my May the Fourth. I’ll be marathoning the original trilogy, but feel free to marathon whatever you want to! Like The Clone Wars, YouTube videos, anything you like.

Try yoga! Yep, you can do Star Wars yoga. It’d be great to do while marathoning too. (click image to view, source)




Crafts! Here’s a list of 10 Star Wars DIY’s you can do at home!



Weird stuff! Check out this list of 4 weird Star Wars collectibles. I’ve never seen a C-3PO tape dispenser before. How odd.

Watch this! Check out the new Star Wars Rebels 60 second trailer! It’s pretty fantastic.

Sales! Check out all these Star Wars sales. Ranging from fabrics to Her Universe, grab your Star Wars merchandise for sale prices!

I hope you all have an amazing Star Wars Day. May the Fourth be with you all.

I hope


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