So I am finally back from my trip to Atlanta! I really should’ve made a hashtag: #HaimRoadtrip2014 or somewhere along those lines. I have so much to talk about, but today I’ll talk about the main premise of going to Atlanta: to see Haim perform LIVE at The Tabernacle. It was insane. The venue looked amazing plus add Haim = WOW! We got there about 2 hours in advance. The line had about 50 people, maybe? The show was sold out, so I knew even more people would be coming soon! While outside, we could actually hear them do soundcheck. It was amazing. I was singing along the whole time. After waiting and eating macarons, we finally went inside! I opted to stand, so we were in about the second/third row! WHAT?! I couldn’t believe I was so close. Finally, the concert started. First up was The Shy Girls. I was appalled to find out they were neither girls nor shy, haha!



Then about an hour and a half later, it was time for HAIM! Enjoy the pictures below! This concert was all kinds of amazing and I tried to document all the great parts (if that’s even possible. It was all great!)















After the show, Alana Haim posted this pic on Twitter of the crowd:




After the show, I went to get a shirt and get my picture taken with their album cover. It was way cool.

those days are gone…



I still can’t believe last night happened. The energy was amazing, there was singing and jumping and just having a good time. I am so happy I got to see them live. They’re truly talented in everything they do and it was mind blowing seeing it in person.


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