I’m finally ready to talk to you all about the Sleigh Bells concert I attended last night! I’m stilling getting my thoughts straight after last night. I’ve never danced so hard in my life! Especially with other people. I’ve been wanting to see Sleigh Bells live for YEARS! I missed out on a chance last November because I had no clue they were so close, so you know once tickets went on sale for the show near me, I bought them ASAP! Sleigh Bells is my favorite band of all time! Haven’t heard of them? Well, you probably have. They use various Sleigh Bells songs like Crown On The Ground, Infinity Guitars, etc,,, all the time in movies! Incase you were wondering, Sleigh Bells consists of two people: Alexis and Derek.They’re both awesome and have the coolest style!

So last night they performed at The Fillmore in Charlotte, NC! It was there first time in Charlotte and they put on the best concert the city had ever seen! It was loud, their was lots of lights, so many screaming the lyrics, and dancing! And I partook in all of it! I’ve never let myself go like that at a concert before. It was insanely fun!! By the end of the night, I was drenched in sweat, part of my voice was gone, my hearing was off, and I felt like I was about to collapse on the floor… so worth it! Here’s some pics I took during the concert! The first one is of the opening guy whose name I can’t quite remember, but he got the crowd pumped with some really cool music!



Now for all my pics of Sleigh Bells! The lights made these photos look so cool. You never knew how the photo was going to come out!

















Me, post-Sleigh Bells on the floor.



I actually got to me Alexis! She was the sweetest person ever and made my life!



She even signed my Treats vinyl!


I seriously can’t believe last night happened! It was one of the best nights of my life by far! I posted a video of the concert on my Instagram if you’re curious. Also, you can check out my photos from last night on there too. You might even see some way-too-awesome comments on a few of them. 😉

Thanks for reading! Love Sleigh Bells? What’s your favorite song? Let me know, I’d love to hear!


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