I had an awesome day today! I found some really cool stuff and thought I’d share it with you all. First up, we headed to the Disney Store. They hadn’t opened quite yet, so we waited for about 5 minutes… but when they did open, they did a special thing where someone has to spread magic back throughout the store. There were no kids around, so I when they called for someone, I went up! It was pretty fun/funny! I had to read for this giant plastic book three times. Each time adding something more. First time: reading. Second time: reading plus making magic motions with our hands. Third time: doing all that, but with a Sorcerer’s hat and rob. It was pretty cool!







They then gave me a Sorcerer’s Apprentice lanyard. Apparently this is something they do everyday. Pretty cool, if you ask me!



First thing I found in the Disney Store was this way-too-cool Perry the Platypus jacket for only $5! It was regular $60, so I got it for a steal!




Next up was this Monsters University iPhone case. It now adorns my phone and makes it look 50% cooler.



Then I found this Mickey graduation cap for only $1. I’m going to use it in a future project, so it was worth every penny!



After all this Disney excitement, we went around to some other stores. My favorite is always F.Y.E. They fulfill all my 80’s and 90’s needs. But today I found a bunch of Catbug stuff and I wanted to take it all home!


Me with my buddy Cap! (I wanted this cut out SO badly!)


Me with my other buddy, Ted. Hehe! This Ted was life size!


Then after all those shenanigans, we were off to ToysRus! They’ve been having some great sales lately, so I was pretty excited with my finds! I found another one of those Avenger blind bags. This time, it was only 80 cent. I got Cap!! Woohoo!


Then my mom miraculously found this Loki slap bracelet randomly in the party aisle. How crazy! It was almost $5, but look at it!!


And last, but not least, here is why I wanted to make a haul post: my Retro-Action The Real Ghostbuster set!! I’m so happy with this! And for only $8, what a steal!!


The back of the box is also really pretty!


I seriously couldn’t believe I found this! I was so excited, haha! I hope you all had an amazing day as well. Find any rad toys? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks for reading!






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