Woo! Last night was a great night for cartoons. We had the season premiere of Adventure Time, a new episode of Regular Show, and TWO new episodes of Clarence! Warning: SPOILERS!!



First off, we had Adventure Time! The episodes were titles “Wake Up” and “Escape from the Citadel”. Of course, they pick up where season 5 left off which is super cool because most cartoons don’t usually have continuation like that. The episode is all about Finn on a mission: to find his human dad. We finally see Finn’s human dad! Turns out he’s not the greatest guy, but still, we saw him. It was a pretty fun episode exploring a new world.



Next up was Regular Show! The episode was titled “Return of Mordecai and the Rigbys”. The title is pretty self explanatory. Our favorite band is back together for one show only! This time it’s all for an AC unit. The ending actually got me. I knew once there “laser” instruments came in affect, that it was all in their minds, but I did think they went up on stage just making sounds… apparently not. All in all, they finally get there free air conditioning! This episode reminded me that summer is approaching fast. Heat, please go away.



Now we go onto Clarence! (Oh yeah!) Clarence is a brand new cartoon on Cartoon Network. The two episodes that came on last night were titled “Money Broom Wizard” and “Lost in the Supermarket”. Both were hilarious!! “Money Broom Wizard” finds Clarence and his pals on a quest to Swamp Pizza. It’s going to be the best day ever, then Clarence realizes he’s forgotten his money at home. Being the super optimistic, way-too-cool kid he his, he uses his one wizard dollar he keeps in his shoe and makes the best day ever even greater! Being the kid I was, I could relate to “Money Broom Wizard” so much. I always tried those money brooms. Over and over and over again. The next episode “Lost in the Supermarket” finds Clarence in another way-too-fun adventure. I mean, who’s never wanted to go exploring behind the milk cartons?! Clarence’s mom says he can go to his friend Jeff’s house AFTER they go grocery shopping. While this upsets Clarence, he finds his friend Sumo in a grocery cart and the fun begins!

Each of these episodes were really great! I definitely had a good laugh. Did you watch any of the shows on Cartoon Networks Monday night lineup? If so, let me know which ones! I’d love to hear. Thanks for reading!


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