I am back from Record Store Day! It was awesome. Here’s why…

I went to Lunchbox Records for my 2nd RSD which is always nice! Those guys are  always awesome and know their stuff. I lined up at 9:00am, which I know is a horrible thing to do, but that was as early as I could get there. I then got in line and to my amazement, waited 3 hours in the freezing cold rain with just my hoodie and myself.


I seriously didn’t think I’d be able to stand it for 3 hours. It was so cold, my fingers were locking so bad that I could barely text. But I waited it out and it was so worth it! I got everything I came for except the Ghostbusters LP (but I didn’t have my hope too high. Once I saw the line when I got there, I KNEW they’d sell out fast.) and Bastille’s LP. So it was definitely a successful trip!

First off, I picked up Paramore’s Ain’t It Fun LP which is broken in half. Too amazing for words!



Ain’t It Fun owning a broken record?!




I then picked up Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World: The Game LP! I couldn’t believe I got it!






Also, the vinyl is neon yellow/green! It’s awesome!



I then got Haim’s Forever LP which features a remix by Giorgio Moroder! (That remix is spectacular!!)




While all three of those were RSD exclusive’s, I did pickup another record I’ve wanted to add to my collection for a while. TREATS by SLEIGH BELLS! Oh yeah!




The employees at Lunchbox Records knew EXACTLY who Sleigh Bells were! It made my heart happy. I don’t know many people who do know them, so it was nice to finally talk to some people who did.




You know how many artists include little booklets with track information? Yeah, well Sleigh Bells included a composition notebook. Amazing.

All the lyrics look handwritten and they’re even little doodles!





My Record Store Day was a huge success!! How did yours go? Let me know what vinyls you picked up. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Record Store Day 2014!

  1. I saw that Paramore record this morning, but didn’t realize at the time that the other half was broken off like that. I thought the missing half was clear vinyl. That’s crazy.

  2. Why the broken record? And I would sell my soul for that composition note book. Is it Alexis or Derek’s writing? If you are as big of an SB fan as me (which is saying something) you should also know that on ebay an Alexis Krauss autographed mic was for sale!

    1. Paramore released 2 records for RSD: a flower and a broken record. I’ve never seen a record like it before. I think because in there Ain’t It Fun music video, they broke the record for smashing records the fastest.

      And no need to sell your soul. 😉 eBay has plenty of the Sleigh Bells LP which comes with the composition, but I’m not 100% sure who’s writing it is, but I would have to say Alexis. A signed mic? How cool!!

      Thanks for your comment and have a nice day!

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