First off, this review will be me more talking about my feelings about the movie. I’ve never been great at writing reviews. I always just end up barfing feelings. I’m also a day late, so please forgive me! Here it goes…

WARNING: This post is filled with SPOILERS! Please beware before reading on!

So I’ve seen The Winter Soldier 6 times so far… and I need to see it more! I had such high expectations for this film seeing as how I’ve been waiting 2 years for it’s release. I wasn’t sure what to expect/I knew what to expect a little bit. The opening of the movie started off with humor that I’m sure everyone is using now. “On your left.” I loved it. The scene on the boat which tied in with Agents of Shield was fantastic. Chris did an amazing job and Scarlett was more kickass than ever! (P.S. This film made me an even bigger fan of Black Widow. She’s all sorts of awesome.) Also, Anthony Mackie as The Falcon?! YES! Every actor in this movie was spectacular and brought something great to The Winter Soldier.

This movie started getting crazy when the “car chase” scene began, I lost my mind. I had no clue what was happening! I was thinking to myself, “What is Marvel doing?! WHAT IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW?!”, but then it got explained and I calmed down. But still, just seeing that scene unfold and then leading to Winter Soldier’s big reveal. It was amazing! Which brings me to The Winter Soldier!



As you all know, I’m a super WS fan and seeing Sebastian’s portrayal was mind blowing. How he brought so much depth and character to a character who only has a few lines is crazy. (Yes, he speaks Russian. Yes, I’m in the process of learning it.) I can’t wait to see where they go with his character. I really, really, really hope they go the comic book route. That arc is AMAZING!


I also couldn’t believe how this Marvel movie shaped the whole MCU! I wasn’t expecting SHIELD to be compromised, but it’s so cool they went for something different and new. Not only will future movies be affected, but AoS will be too. (If you missed this past weeks episode, it’s after effects have already kicked in. This past weeks episode was, without a doubt, one of the best episodes of the season. I think it’s what everyone was hoping for!)

Let’s talk about the action in this film! The bridge scene. OH MY GOD. That scene was so intense/awesome/amazing/fantastically fantastic! It’s my favorite scene in the whole movie. I jump in my seat whenever that scene is about to start. How they did all that fighting choreography and making it look so real, again, blows my mind. I never really notice the details of stuff like that in other films, but it’s so great and pops out in The Winter Soldier, you have to notice it. The scene just gets better and better and better and I hope you all loved it as much as I did!


The movie as a whole is brilliant. I know I’m biased to Marvel, but in all seriousness, if I wasn’t a Marvel fan, I’d see this movie multiple times. There’s not a slow moment. Except the beginning when they’re running (it’s really funny though!), the movie doesn’t stop with the action! I’d highly recommend this movie to everyone I know. I know they’d all enjoy it immensely. (They actually already have. I’ve drug everyone I know to the movies to see this, haha!) I’m so happy it’s doing so well and that the reviews are excellent. This films deserves it all! It’s actually now my favorite Marvel movie. Shocker, I know. I thought nothing could top The Avengers, but for me, I loved The Winter Soldier a bit more. But if you love The Avengers more, I totally understand. I mean, it’s The Avengers. šŸ˜‰

I know I’m not covering all parts of the movie and it’s characters. It’s just there’s so much to cover! These Did you catch Captain America: The Winter Soldier? If so, what was your favorite scene?


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