Imagine my surprise when I got a tweet from Barb over at You Fancy Me Mad saying that she nominated me (and four other wonderfully awesome bloggers) for a Liebster Award! I’ve never done this type of thing before, but I’m so excited to start! Here’s the questions Barb picked:

1. Has your blog helped you through any rough times?

It truly has. We all go through “sad” phases here and there, but whenever I’ve felt down or depressed, I just start writing. Writing for my blog always makes me feel better! That and seeing all the super sweet comments and tweets, I haven’t had a “sad” day in quite awhile. 🙂


2. What made you start blogging?

I’ve always loved the idea of writing/hosting some sort of show for an entertainment outlet. Like covering conventions for sites or hosting the SDCC coverage show on G4. (Yes, I know. Those were the good days.) Then one day, I watched this interview with Amy Ratcliffe and it inspired me! Start a blog. It was that simple. I then made and it is one of the best decision’s I’ve made to date.


3. What was the last movie you saw? Would you recommend it?

Oh, we all know the question to that one. CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER. I’ve seen it 6 times to date and need to see it even more! And yes, I would highly recommend it!
4. Do you have any vacations planned?

This is my year of traveling I suppose. I have a Haim concert in May, HeroesCon and Wizard World Philly in June, SDCC in July, Dragon*Con in August/September. I love traveling, so I’m pretty excited to have a packed schedule this year!
5. If you came into a million dollars, how would you spend it?

I would have to give more than half to my family. Why? 1) They deserve it so much. 2) I couldn’t trust myself with a million dollars. I’d buy all sorts of things I *probably* don’t need, like a life size Xenomorph and RoboCop. Also, probably Sebastian’s on-screen WS outfit with weapons and all. (Weird? Maybe. But I wouldn’t have to make my own WS then.)

Ah! This was fun! Thanks again to Barb for nominating me! It was so sudden and I appreciate it very much!  Now it’s time for me to choose 5 blogs to nominate. *pulls collar* I follow some blogs, but most of them have already been nominated, so here it goes: (I know some of you may have been nominated already, I just wanted to include my favorite blogs!)

1. Nerd Burger

2. Your Friend Elle – Her post can be viewed here!

3. A Geek And Her Oven – Her post can be viewed here!

4. Super Space Chick

5. Cosplay with me…

Here’s my questions for you 5 awesome bunch!

1. Stealing this one from Barb: What made you start blogging?

2. Favorite book you’ve ever read?

3. What inspires you to blog?

4. You’re stuck on an island! What two items do you bring?

5. Have any conventions you’re attending this year?


Woo! That was fun. I can’t wait to read your responses! If you do choose to answer these questions, make sure to tweet me the link so I can include it in this post! 😀


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