Woah! That’s one word to sum up my whole experience these past 3 days. I’m gonna try to write about all that happened, but this might get a bit long….

Okay. So as a bunch of you knew, the Cleveland premiere for Captain America: The Winter Soldier happened this past Tuesday! While the “marquee” stars weren’t set to attend, my mom was awesome about and took the challenge of the 8 hours drive it’d take to get there. I was EXCITED! I didn’t know what would happen, but I knew it’d be fun. So Monday morning we took off and about half way through the trip, my friend Charlie texted me this tweet:



Right then, we knew what we’d be doing that night! So once we arrived in Cleveland, we went and got in line at the Market Garden Brewery in the Beer Garden.



We were in line and then an hour later they started letting us in. We walked past Craig (we talked to him before about how we drove 8 hours to be there) and he said I should unzip my hoodie (I had a Cap shirt on) because they were giving 2 raffle tickets to the people with the Cap shirts. So I did that, went in, and got my two raffle tickets! We had an hour to kill before they announced the winners, so we went and ate at the Great Lakes Brewing Co. via Amy’s suggestion. I had the Cleveland Hero (I know. I was purposely being a tourist.) and it was one of the best subs I’ve ever had. Hmmm… I want one now just thinking about.



We then went back to the Market Garden Brewery for them to announce the 75 lucky winners! Once we entered the Beer Garden, we went to sit down and wait for the chance to win to see Captain America: The Winter Soldier the next day. Craig spotted us and asked if we’d spoken to the directors yet and I freaked! I knew the Russo Bros would be there that night, but I didn’t know they were there already! Then Craig asked me to come with him… and he introduced me to the The Russo Brothers! Whaaaaaaaa?! He told them how long we drove and then Joe Russo said, “Why?!” Our response was that we just came out to see what would happen. Then Joe Russo took me and my mom to the other room (there was one for the public and one for the directors and their assistants and such) and then he talked to this woman (I can’t remember her name exactly, but if she’s reading this, then THANK YOU!), came back to us, and said she’d set us up with passes for Tuesday nights screening! I couldn’t  handle it! I asked for a photo, then he called over Anthony, we took a pic, it was magical!



Then we went over to the lady and she got our names and said we’d be on the list! Whaaaaa?! I couldn’t believe it! The Russo Bros gave us tickets! I’ll never be able to thank them enough!

We still had our raffle tickets, so we thought we’d still try to win two passes for my friends Barb and Katy! We sat outside while everyone was inside as the winners were picked one by one. I was on such a high, that all I could think to do was congratulate everyone who won. I probably looked crazy clapping for each person, seeing that I was still trying to “win”, but that’s okay. THEN, during the raffle, this man (never caught his name, but he looked like the Russos body guard?) came outside and said if we didn’t win, to come find him. (Whaaaa?!!?) So by the end, we didn’t win, so my mom went to go talk to him and he said he’d do what he can. THEN, the Joe and Anthony’s sister came out to us, introduced herself and asked us who we wanted to get passes for. I FREAKED. I then gave her Barb and Katy’s name and I don’t think I stopped thanking her! She was the sweetest and was so happy she could help. I didn’t even win the raffle, but I still managed to get all four of us in.  I immediately called Barb and was FREAKING OUT in the back alley of the bar. Oh, what a night in Cleveland that was.

Fast forward to the next day:


We had breakfast at Coquette Patisserie! Also suggested by Amy! Those macarons we’re delicious and now I want more.



After a long day of exploring, it was finally time to meet up with Barb and Katy to get in line to see The Winter Soldier! We were the first ones there and nobody showed up for the longest time. I couldn’t handle it. It was hilarious. Here’s our table:




THEN WE SAW THE WINTER SOLDIER AND IT WAS THE BEST MOVIE. I just…. man! It. was. amazing. I won’t go too much into it, I’ll save that for a later post. I think I’m going to do a “FEELINGS” and “Review” post! Yeah, that sounds just about right.

Here’s us after the movie with our feels still intact…I think:


Our group was also on the news! 

I’m so happy with how it all played out. I’m pretty sure we’d be disappointed in that “red carpet”, so at least we all got to see the movie! Now it’s Thursday, so it’s almost time to see it again tonight! Woo! I’m so ready to go on that emotional roller coaster again. (Sarcasm!) No, but really, I’m so excited to see it again!!





Without you, seeing the movie would’ve been impossible! So, THANK YOU!! Craig also reviews movies, so make sure to check out his Winter Soldier review here and check out his site here!


Charlie: Thank you for texting me that tweet. It changed EVERYTHING!


Barb and Katy: I’m so happy I got to see The Winter Soldier with you guys! It was such a fun experience!!


My Mom: I wouldn’t have been able to go if it wasn’t for you, so thank you for driving and listening to all my rants about Winter Soldier, Bucky Barnes, and Sebastian Stan! 😉

As you can tell, The Winter Soldier meant a lot to movie. I don’t think I’ve ever anticipated a movie THIS much! So thanks for reading my ramblings about the premiere. If you’ve seen The Winter Soldier, feel free to leave a comment with your favorite NON-SPOILER moment! 



5 thoughts on “#WinterSoldierWednesday: The Cleveland Premiere!

  1. Such an epic story. So many lovely people. I am so happy you got to see it. I can’t believe you drove 8 hours. So crazy. hehehe

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