I actually started watching Teen Wolf when it premiered. I basically watch the whole first season as it aired, but I think I missed an episode or two. I was going to keep up and watch season 2, but fell behind and never caught up. Well, this past Monday, I was starting to make my Winter Soldier banner for the Cap premiere in Cleveland and needed something to keep me company. I’d already had watch the first 3 episodes again a few weeks before. I liked them, but thought they were “MEH.” So it didn’t make me want to keep watching, but I started watching episode 4 and man, did I get hooked.


By the next day, season 1 was done and I just started season 2 this morning. It’s SO GOOD! I also just got a bunch of new books and was excited to read, but TEEN WOLF. I love it sooooooooooo much. Luckily it’s on Amazon Prime and actually keeps up-to-date with the current episodes. Season 4 (I believe? Amazon has it listed as season 302…?) just ended this past week, but man! Due to people reactions, I’m excited/scared to get caught up. Guess we’ll see…


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