Lord of The Rings

When The Collectionary emailed me about sharing a post with you about their site, specifically the Lord of The Rings section, I couldn’t say no! It’s basically my wish list in website form. The Collectionary is THE site to find and buy items for you avid collectors! I could spend days browsing through their Lord of The Rings section. It’s basically a dictionary for all things Lord of The Rings. Some items have a link to purchase them, while others don’t, but that’s okay because you can add them to your collection or check them as “Want It” or “Have It”. You can also set it up to notify you when one goes on sale. Amazing.

I’ve seen LoTR items on this site that I’ve never seen before which is pretty cool. (Also painful because now I want them.) I’ve already started add things to my checklist which you can view here!

So make sure to head on over to The Collectionary’s Lord of The Rings section here for all of your Lord of The Rings collecting needs!


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