So for this Winter Soldier Wednesday, the theme was everyday cosplay! I’ve done my fair share of everyday cosplay in the past, but I had no clue what to do that encompassed Winter Soldier. But then I had an idea! I altered it a bit (short sleeves instead of long), but I’m really happy with how it came out! I hope this little how to gives you some ideas for future Winter Soldier cosplays you can do yourself!

First off, you will need supplies! All you need is a grey/silver shirt, a black shirt, a piece of red felt,  some black and red thread, and a needle.


Second, (I forgot to take pictures. Sorry!) cut off the left sleeve of the black shirt and then cut off the left sleeve on the gray/silver shirt. After that, sew the silver sleeve onto the black shirt with some black thread.

Third, cut out a red star from the felt. I freehanded mine. (As you can tell, hehe!) Just remember, it doesn’t need to be perfect. Just go with what you think looks fine. After cutting it out, sew it onto the grey/silver sleeve with some red thread.


And TADA! Here’s your final product! Mine was done very free handedly, but I LOVE with how it came out!


Let me know if you try this for your future Winter Soldier everyday cosplays! Have any tips on how to improve this WS everyday cosplay? Leave them below in the comments!


Thanks for reading~

Make sure to check out Barb’s (Creator of Winter Soldier Wednesday!) and The Nerdy Girlie’s Winter Soldier Everyday Cosplays here! They’re awesome!


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