NBC’s Hannibal is hosting a 13 course dinner! Here’s info straight from the Hannibal Tumblr:

It’s time for the #13HourDevour!
Here’s the scoop, Fannibals. This Sunday, starting at noon ET, we’re going to binge watch all of Hannibal Season 1 to get ramped up for our return February 28. Every hour on the hour we’ll begin a new episode and with that, we’ll be giving away a signed script of that episode, as well as some other fantastic prizes.
So, stream Hannibal on Amazon Instant Video, download from iTunes or grab your DVD and join us, Bryan Fuller, the cast and maybe some other special guests as well live tweet/tumbl every delectable second.

See you all this Sunday. Bring a friend. We surely will be… – source

I’m SUPER excited! I absolutely LOVE Hannibal and they were my favorite panel at NerdHQ last year! They brought so much cool stuff to giveaway to fans! So why am I sharing this you? I’ll be joining in and watching the 13 hour marathon! I’ll also be live tweeting throughout the whole thing! So join me on Twitter, @travisthegrimm, and on Tumblr right here! I promise my tweets and tumblr posts will be SPOILER-FREE!

Thanks for reading!


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