TTG: When did you start Nerd-Burger.com and what do you blog about?

Cazz: I started Nerd-burger.com over 2 years ago. It begun as a way to show fellow geeks new jewellery pieces I had been working on for NerdBurgerJewellery. What started as just a way to keep customers informed has turned into a nerd wonderland full of comic books, geek fashion, thrift shopping, craft, 80’s and 90s TV and film into one big sparkly unicorn.

TTG: What inspires you to keep blogging every week?

Cazz: I constantly find myself reading a comic and needing to tell everyone how rad it is and sometimes when I am wearing one of my over the top outfits I just feel like the whole world would get a smile out of it. But most of all I have to say my husband. This dude is always introducing me to new comics and places to visit and supports me 100% by taking photos and filming videos.
TTG: When did you decide to start making your own jewelry and selling it?

Cazz: I begun Nerd Burger Jewellery just after my wedding. A lot of people were asking if they could buy similar items to the ones I had made so I started selling them at local markets and Etsy. I have been running Nerd Burger Jewellery for over 3 years now and still love creating new pieces every day. At the moment I am loving pom poms and making one off 90’s and80’s themed patches for people to sew on jackets.

TTG: How fun has it been making YouTube videos?

Cazz: At first it was really stressful. There are so many fantastic Youtubers out there that it becomes overwhelming. I decided to just stick to what I like and just be myself. Nothing makes me happier than when I hear someone has purchased a comic because of my video especially if they have never read a comic book before. All I want to do with my channel is get people to read comics and enjoy nerd life.

TTG: I LOVE your style! You’re always come up with the coolest looking outfits! What/Who inspires you when picking out your wardrobe for the day?


Cazz: Thank you so much. Usually I’m inspired by whatever TV show or movie I have been watching earlier combined with Harajuku street fashion. This month I’m really into floral dresses (I watched Baby Sitters Club) and 90’s goth (The Craft). I always like to show nerd pride and wear comic book shirts or accessories with most outfits and sprinkle a little Molly Ringwald and Cindy Lauper (my two style icons).

TTG: (Silly Question) If you could attend any convention in the world and meet the one person of your choice, where would it be and who would you meet?

Cazz: I would love to go the San Diego comic con. We have conventions here in Australia,but nothing like the ones in the U.S.A. And nothing would make me happier than meeting Adam West and Burt Ward- Batman 60’series as well as my favourite comic book writer Jeffery Brown. These three people shaped me into the person I am today and I would love to Thank them for being so awesome.


A HUGE thanks to Cazz for doing this! You can check out her blog, Nerd Burger, here! You can also follow Cazz on Facebook and Tumblr and don’t forget to check out her way-too-cool Etsy shop here!


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