Love Tom Hiddleston?! Wanna help celebrate his birthday by celebrating all week?! Then Tom’s Spirit Week is PERFECT for you! Tom’s Spirit Week is a week of celebration of all things Tom put together by non other than @HiddlesEducates! Remember when I asked Tom himself if he could recommend a day?

I’m near the 25 minute mark! 🙂

Well now the time has come to celebrate another year of Tom! Below is the graph with each and everyday of Tom’s Spirit Week!



Make sure to tag all your Tom related shenanigans on all social sites with #TomsSpiritWeek! That way, @HiddlesEducates can keep track of all you cool people! Also, remember NOT to “@” Tom Hiddleston in all your posts. We don’t won’t to spam him.

Need an outfit for day 3? The Nerdy Girlie has you covered! Make to sure to click here for her whole list of Tom inspired Everyday Cosplays!

Let me know if any of you are going to participate in Tom’s Spirit Week! I know I am! I already have my outfit for Day 3 all planned out! Thanks for reading!


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