Wow. I can’t believe it, but American Horror Story: Coven has officially ended. I’ve had so much fun writing reviews for this show week after week and I can’t wait to write more for the next season!!

Warning: Spoilers ahead!!


This being the final episode meant that all the things happened. All the witches tried to complete all Seven Wonders which were quite cool scenes except for the fact that some witches didn’t make it. I was pretty upset that Misty was the first to go because she was always one of my favorites. I then got REALLY upset when Zoe died. I was hoping she wouldn’t, but then thanks to Cordelia, she was back and at that moment, the new supreme was revealed!!  Of course, the new supreme was non-other than Cordelia herself. Which I’m so happy they went with her. Sarah Paulson always does an amazing job on AHS, so I knew I’d love her approach to playing supreme.

I do have to say that when Cordelia was doing the interview about them being a coven, not a cult, all I could think about was one of the last episodes of Asylum and how awesome it was! The same for when Cordelia and Fiona were hugging towards the end. I was so nervous Cordelia was going to get stabbed… or be the stabber! But it was actually a sweet moment. This all leads up towards the very end when they finally open the doors and let all the new witch’s enter! The music played so well with that scene and at the last second when the camera zoomed in on Cordelia’s face… Ahh! Chills! A perfect way to end the season!

I have so much more to say about this season, so look out for my AHS: Coven Season Recap which I’ll be posting tomorrow! Thanks for reading! 🙂


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