Editor’s Note: Sorry this is so short! I’m just now catching up, so I’m trying to rush through to get to the season finale.

American Horror Story is back this week with an all new episode. (Yay!) This weeks episode theme being The Seven Wonders! Once a witch completes all seven wonders (which can be deadly), they then will become Supreme. They show us all each and every wonder during the opening credits via short, silent film. It’s pretty creepy! We also get to see the aftermath of Cordelia taking out her own eyes in effort of trying to get her “sight” back. (Hint: it’s pretty creepy!)

We also find out what Madame Delphine LaLaurie has been up too once she takes over her museum which was pretty gruesome. But it also leads into way more trouble nobody asked for. But then we finally get to see the Axeman for who he really is, but the witches prove they don’t need a man to protect them in a sweet sweet revenge scene.

I really liked this episode! I know it’s leading up to a oh-so-great finale!

What’d you think of this episode?! Leave a comment below! Thanks for reading!


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