Today I attended my very first Charlotte MiniCon! CLT MiniCon is brought to us by Heroes, the same people who make HeroesCon happen every year in Charlotte, NC! This con was actually free to get into if you brought a canned food donation. (Which is a great idea and I think a lot of cons should start doing this.) I thought this MiniCon would be very small, but I was wrong! While it is a small setting, it was a lot bigger than I imagined which was a great surprise.


Of course we started out day off with some Starbucks (gotta have have that energy!)



Of course I dressed up for the occasion! I wore my Finn cosplay!



I got so many compliments which made the day even better!!

I then spotted an Attack On Titan cosplay group!! They were the best!! I loved their cosplays so much I think I know need my own!


Apparently Finn is now part of the Survey Corps!


I browsed both the upper floor and lower floor at first, but I wasn’t going to purchase anything until I visited PopCycled! I visited Laura’s booth during HeroesCon last year after stalking her Etsy page for weeks and fell in love with her products! Last time I visited, I purchase my favorite Tardis necklace, but this year, I picked out an amazing business card holder! (PERFECT for networking at cons!)



Here’s more info on Laura’s shop:



It was then time to properly browse! I, again, went through both the lower and upper floors:



The first floor  was the exhibitor hall and the upper floor was where all the comic book artists were!


While on the lower floor, I spotted a booth selling My Neighbor Totoro stuff! I’m obsessed with anything Totoro, so I HAD to get myself this wallet:


All in all, CLT MiniCon was AMAZING! It’s such a great con to be so small! I can’t wait to return next year!


4 thoughts on “Charlotte MiniCon!

    1. Hi, Cazz! So nice to receive a comment from you! ^.^

      Thank you! I had a blast and I definitely had to be careful on what I purchased because their was so many amazing things!!

      Have a great day,

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