Another week, another episode of American Horror Story: Coven!

Usually, I’d write up the episode and give different details about the episode, but I thought I’d try something new (since this review is sorta late!) and make a list of some of the parts of this past weeks episode that stood out for me!

Here we go…

1. Ben-A-Dryl? I found that joke so funny for some reason. But thinking about it, Benadryl is kind of like magic!

2. Cordelia trying to get her vision back… By stabbing her eyes! Way too painful to watch! Anything that has to do with eyes getting punctured is off limits for me.

3. Axe man in the conference room! The reason this stood out for me is because I wasn’t expecting. Sure, I knew what was gonna happen once the Axe man took his jacket off, but I still didn’t see it coming.

4. The VERY end! With Kit and Zoe deciding to run off together! I loved that scene! Slow motion + a great soundtrack = an awesome scene! (Even though it was only about a minute or two long.)

What’d you think of last weeks episode?! Leave a comment below! I’d love to hear! Thanks for reading!


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