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TTG: When did you start Geek with Curves and what do you blog about?

Amy: I started Geek with Curves in January 2010. Wow. I can’t believe it’s been four years! I’d blogged about food and travel and general life stuff before Geek with Curves and though I enjoyed writing, the topics weren’t singing for me if that makes sense. One day the obvious finally occurred to me: why not blog about being a geek and talk about Star Wars and crafts and movies and comics and all the things I love? Once I started brainstorming posts, it was clear that this was the topic I was meant to explore.


TTG: What has inspired you to continue blogging throughout all these years?

Amy: Writing for the sake of writing and practicing is rewarding to me, but one of the reasons for blogging and getting my writing online was to hopefully get gigs for writing for others that would eventually lead to paying work. Coming up with topics was fun but also a way to stretch my skills and show potential editors that I was capable of writing reviews, lists, interviews, how-tos – any type of article I could think of. Four years later, I’m actually making the switch to full time freelance writing. Plus, I had a great time interacting with the readers who comment. I always learn things from my readers.

TTG: How has creating Geek with Curves influenced your everyday life?

Amy: Having my blog to keep me on task has kept me writing. I’ve taken short breaks here and there, but overall, writing about my experiences makes me more likely to go out and do stuff and try new things. It led to me joining Twitter which has led to my greatest friendships and also paying writing work. If I wouldn’t have started my blog four years ago, I can’t imagine how different my life would be.


TTG: Do you have a favorite con to attend other than San Diego Comic Con?

Amy: Choosing a favorite convention is hard! They all have distinct personalities! If we just focus on yearly conventions though, Baltimore Comic-Con is at the top of my list. It’s a good size but still manageable – you can navigate the aisles without getting squished – and it’s all about comics. There are some retailers selling apparel and toys, sure, but the focus is on comics and the people who make them. There aren’t even media guests! Creators are accessible, and you’re just surrounded by wonderful stories and art.


TTG: Is there any one moment from a convention you’ve attended that sticks out as your favorite?

Amy: A few years ago I wore my Han Solo costume to San Diego Comic-Con. I met a friend dressed as a femme Darth Vader at the Lucasfilm pavilion so we could pose for some silly pictures together. In the span of thirty minutes, I met @ArkhamAsylumDoc (Lady Vader) for the first time – she’s become a dear friend, I had a boy around 12-years-old ask if he could hug me because I was Han Solo, and I met Dave Filoni, then Supervising Director of The Clone Wars, and got to tell him how much the series meant to me. Even though I was already convinced, those experiences proved the magic of Comic-Con to me.


(Side Question) TTG: Out of all the comics you’ve read, do you have a favorite?

Amy: Man, I can’t think of an all-time favorite. There are too many competitors for that title! I will say that in the past year or so I’ve loved Mark Waid and Chris Samnee’s Daredevil and Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples’ Saga.


A HUGE thanks to Amy for doing this!! She’s awesome and you should all check out her blog Geek with Curves for even more geeky filled goodness! She blogs about everything awesome from Star Wars to Firefly… to Star Wars in Firefly and so much more! You can also find Amy on Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram. Amy also writes for numerous websites which can be found on her site!


(Fun Fact: Amy actually inspired me to start! I got so inspired by her interview with Ashley Eckstein to start following my dreams of being a writer… and I’ve never looked back since!)





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