Disclaimer: I didn’t get the chance to watch this episode last week, but I finally got to watch it last night, so this week I’ll be posting 2 AHS:Coven reviews! 

After a shirt winter hiatus, American Horror Story: Coven is back and better than ever. With characters disappearing, new powers surfacing, and a few deaths, AHS: Coven has hooked you right in from the start.

In this weeks episode we’re introduced to a new character with very creepy characteristics. He can make certain deals, but of course, they come with a cost. With so many turns and not knowing what is going to happen to who, some things come as a surprise. And of course, you have the ever magical Stevie Nicks making a very special appearance. I’m very happy they decided to include her since she was such a big influence on Misty near the beginning. It was nice to not just mention her, but have her be a character (if you’d call her that. She’s still called Stevie Nicks on the show.) that was there and tangible and could make an impact on certain characters.

It was a pretty good episode. It definitely had my attention throughout and has me looking forward to these last few episodes even more!

Did you watch AHS: Coven last week? Did you enjoy its return? Let me know in the comments below, I’d love to hear! Thanks for reading!


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