CCI has just released some important news revolving around badge pre-sales:

Comic-Con is working hard to improve the online registration system and will launch Comic-Con 2014 badge preregistration sometime in early 2014. Only those that have purchased a Comic-Con 2013 4-Day attendee or 1-Day attendee badge, have a valid Member ID, and retain their actual Comic-Con 2013 badge* will be eligible to participate in 2014 badge preregistration. Professionals, guests of professionals, exhibitors, exhibitor purchased attendee badges, volunteers, staff, and press will not be allowed to participate in badge preregistration. Open online registration for the general public and all categories listed above will occur at a later date. If you did not attend Comic-Con 2013, you may participate in open online registration later this year.

Eligible attendees will be notified via email with badge preregistration instructions and information at least 48 hours prior to the sale. The notification will be sent to the email associated with your Member ID account.
Please be sure to “opt-in” to e-mail correspondence to receive the badge preregistration announcement. To check your Member ID notification “opt-outs,” log in to your account here and select the option “Change my preferences/unsubscribe.”
BADGE TYPE Adult Junior** U.S. Military /
Preview Night $35.00 $16.00 $16.00
Thursday $45.00 $23.00 $23.00
Friday $45.00 $23.00 $23.00
Saturday $45.00 $23.00 $23.00
Sunday $30.00 $15.00 $15.00
**Children 12 and under are free with a paying adult. Juniors 13 -17 pay junior prices. Seniors 60 years or older pay the Military/Senior reduced price. Active Military with ID pay the Military/Senior price. This deal does not extend to dependents.

We strongly suggest that you log in to your Member ID account and check your current “Membership Type.” If you are a senior or member of the military, please be sure to update your Membership Type before preregistration to be eligible for the reduced badge price.

New for 2014! Only single day badges will be sold. The Preview Night badge option may only be purchased if you buy a Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday badge. Preview Night is not a stand alone badge option. As in 2013, anyone who purchases a Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday badge will have the option of consolidating them into one 4-Day badge onsite.

During preregistration you may purchase badges for up to three people total, yourself included.

Your guest(s) must be eligible for preregistration and they must have their own unique Comic-Con Member ID.
You will need the Member ID and last name for all individuals you are purchasing for.

*As a one-time courtesy, Comic-Con International will automatically enter your 2013 badge code for this year’s preregistration event.This one-time courtesy will apply to Comic-Con 2014 preregistration only. Attendees will be required to keep their physical Comic-Con 2014 badge and badge code to be eligible for Comic-Con 2015 preregistration. Please be sure not to sell, trade, or give away your Comic-Con 2014 badge or badge code, or you may not be eligible for 2015 preregistration.

While Comic-Con has made every effort to make the badge purchase experience fair for everyone, it is possible that problems outside of our control could result in the system not working as planned. The possibility exists that anti-virus, anti-spyware, and anti-malware software may aggressively block browser cookies, JavaScript, or other operation of modern web applications. It is also possible that user error, specific hardware problems, local ISP issues, or simply the extremely high level of demand beyond our control may result in your computer and/or browser not behaving as described above. While Comic-Con has done extensive testing, we make no guarantees that your efforts will result in a successful badge purchase regardless of when you enter the process.

– See more at:

Yep. Say goodbye to the coveted 4 day badge w/ preview night. *sigh* Maybe this system will work out better than past ones?


Thanks to a new Toucan blog update, We now have a bit more information on how purchase badges will work!

If you make it to the front of the line in the EPIC Registration waiting room, you will begin your badge registration session by entering your Member ID and last name. You will also select the number of people you are purchasing badges for (up to 3 maximum, yourself included). On the following page, you will see the badge grid above.


Here you will enter the Member ID and last name of each individual you are purchasing for, and then “validate” their information. Once a member is validated (ie: they are eligible to purchase), you will select the desired and available badge categories for each person by using the simple checkboxes.

For those who want to attend the entire show, simply check the Preview Night box, and all other badges (Thursday through Sunday) will be automatically checked for you. Just one click to get your 4-day with Preview Night option! However, if you do not want to attend Preview Night, you can select the days you wish to attend as individual items. Keep in mind that you may not purchase Preview Night as a stand alone option. If any one of the four single day badges are sold out (Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday), the Preview Night checkbox will not be available for purchase.

The decision to move from a 4-Day badge option to single day badge options was to give each attendee more flexibility when purchasing. Since we no longer offer a discount for purchasing all four days, the 4-Day option was repetitive and often lead to people purchasing a 4-Day badge despite not needing to attend every day. We hope this change will allow attendees to purchase only the days they truly need and maximize the number of people who can get a badge to attend Comic-Con.

– See more at:


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