I’ve been wanting to watch American Dad for a while now, but not until last week did I decided to take the plunge and binge all 7 seasons! I didn’t know how long it would take, but I was loving it so much, I didn’t want the seasons to end. I ended up finishing it in just 9 days!  The episodes are only about 21 minutes each and there was 133 of them. The thing that makes it super easy to watch a show that fast is if you love and, man, did I end up LOVING American Dad! Super funny (not AS funny as Family Guy, but I’m glad it isn’t. It’s a nice change.), great characters (of course Roger is my favorite!), and pretty great story lines! American Dad has it all and will have you laughing the whole way!  I really recommend American Dad if you love adult cartoons like Family Guy. It’s definitely NOT for kids, but Netflix’s version is censored so there is no nudity and most of the cursing is bleeped out.

Do you watch American Dad?! If so, what’s your favorite episode? Leave a comment below, I’d love to hear! Thanks for reading!


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