This past weekend I quite possibly got the BEST iPhone case ever. It’s a Batman Chara-Cover case for iPhone 5! (Finally!!!)


I’ve wanted a Chara-Cover ever since I saw them this past year, but they were only available for iPhone 4. I’ve been on the hunt ever since and finally my prayers were answered this past year during SDCC! I visited the Chara-Cover booth and they a wide variety of iPhone 5 cases, but were only on display. The lady working the booth said they were not selling iPhone 5 cases and that they were going to be released later this year. (Major sad face!) But they had a Despicable Me 2 case for the iPhone 4/s, so we bought it as a present for my mom, but when my mom opened it a week later when we returned, turns out it was made for the iPhone 5, not 4/s, despite was the box said. I guess it was just a mix up, but I hope some other people caught it before they got too excited.

Hot Topic had this Batman one online for a short period of time over the holidays and I waited to see if they’d get more characters (At SDCC they had ADVENTURE TIME ones! Yes, I’m being VERY serious! They’re amazing!), but to no avail. Then it was out of stock. (Another major sad face!) But finally, this past weekend, I went to Hot Topic and they had Batman, The Joker, Harley Quinn, and Superman… all for iPhone 5! And I know of some other Hot Topic stores that have Deadpool and My Little Pony ones!

So if you’ve been waiting for one, like me, check out your local Hot Topic! 😀


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