So Christmas is next week! Yikes! Where did this year go?! If you’re like me and sometimes like to shop last minute, then this list if perfect for all the Whovians in your life! I thought I’d compile a list of my favorite Doctor Who items from this past year (this was HARD you guys. There was SO much more I wanted to put into this list, but I’m pretty sure it would go on forever!) and share them with you all!

So I made 2 lists! The first list has more stuff that pertains to female Whovians (ie: dresses and female fitted tees)  and the second pertains more to everyone, really.

List 1:


(1. ThinkGeek, 2. Hottopic, 3. ThinkGeek, 4. ThinkGeek, 5. ThinkGeek, 6. ThinkGeek, 7. Hottopic)

List 2:



(1. Hottopic, 2. ThinkGeek, 3. Hottopic, 4. Hottopic, 5. ThinkGeek)

I hope this list helps you fulfill all of your favorite Whovians Christmas wishes. Yes, I know some items are sold out, but they should be back in stock soon. If not, I would check other sites (for the dresses, check out, and Thanks you guys for reading and if you have any suggestions of gifts to give Whovians, please leave a comment below, I know we’d all love to hear!


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