This weeks How To Cosplay is for the person who maybe wants to cosplay, but doesn’t want to do anything too extravagant or maybe doesn’t have a lot of money. This is a very simple Supernatural/Sam Winchester inspired cosplay! I hope you enjoy!


This cosplay requires TWO pieces!!

This shirt:

Screen shot 2013-11-18 at 7.42.52 PM

 NordstromBut don’t worry! You don’t need this exact shirt, just something that resembles it!

Then some black jeans and you’re done! You’ve just cosplayed as Sam Winchester! You maybe already have some of these items in your closet and even if you don’t, just put together something that resembles it! Everything is works fine!

Thank you all for reading! Don’t forget, last week I did a Dean Winchester inspired cosplay which you can view here! Let me know your take on Supernatural cosplay done the everyday way! Got any tips for cosplay beginners? Leave a comment and help your fellow fangeeks out! 🙂


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