So the time has come…. The time has come for me to do a Thor: The Dark World review! Well, this is mainly gonna be my thoughts on the movie because I’m not too great at putting together a full review without it looking like a mess. But I’ll still call it a review. 😉


I have been waiting for this movie forever and the time finally came last week! I have since seen it 4 times! I saw it once on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, but it still isn’t enough! I’ve already planned to see it again this week. I think this shows how much I LOVED this movie!!! It was fantastic!

I loved the whole story of the Dark Elves at the beginning of the film. I didn’t think I’d care for them as much as I did. They were just so awesome!  Of course, I was happy they decided to film more scenes with Loki because he is my absolute favorite MU villain. (Except The Winter Soldier. That’s a title that’s hard to beat.) His whole opening scene was so serious/funny. It played out great! And the whole fight scene after that with Thor and his pals (specifically Fandral! I was just so excited to see him!) was really good!!! But what one thing caught my eye? LONDON! I loved that that part of the film took place in London! I really liked Jane’s part in this movie. I thought it went along with the movie really well, but who’s part did I like even more? Darcy! She was hilarious!! Their wasn’t one word out of her mouth that didn’t make me laugh. Kat Denning’s is the comedy queen!

Their was this one scene during the movie that features Loki and Thor… it was short, but that one scene made me the most happiest person on the planet. I say, “Perfect scene is perfect!” I’m pretty sure everyone lost it during that scene.

First off, if you have problems dealing with emotions involving certain characters, this movie isn’t for you. This movie was one roller coaster of emotions that made me happy, sad, happy again, sad again, more happy, more sad, and then finally happy at the very last few seconds! I WILL NOT spoil why this movie was an emotional roller coaster because you really need to witness it for yourselves!

BUT I will talk about The Winter Soldier footage that played before hand that made me squeal with happiness! I’ve been grateful to be able to see that specific footage 4 times now! (I refuse to see Thor: TDW in non 3D form JUST for this footage!) It gets better every single time! The opening elevator scene was great, but what was even greater was the last few seconds! Captain AmericaL The Winter Soldier is probably the longest I’ve been waiting for a Marvel movie. I’ve been waiting forever and keep fangeeking over all the gifs on tumblr. Ahhh, I can’t wait to witness the wonder that will be The Winter Soldier!!

Did any of you guys get to see Thor: The Dark World this past weekend? What did you think? Let me know in the comments below, but please remember, no spoilers please! Thanks for reading! 🙂



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